About us

Post demonetization of high currency notes in November 2016, there has been a lot of encouragement from the Government of India to promote cashless transactions, in order to shift the gears towards a digital economy. With initiatives such as ‘Digital India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital Payments’ etc., there is much scope for innovation in finance within the digital arena of today. TachyLoans is aligned with the government’s objective of creating a digital economy, making the entire process of lending and borrowing simpler, faster and secure by providing an online end-to-end digital space to the users. The primary objective of our platform is to directly connect investors/lenders with creditworthy borrowers, to facilitate the growth of online money lending, and to provide a one-stop destination to their financial needs and be accessible to them 24*7*365.

TachyLoans is an online money lending marketplace catering to both Individuals & Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our platform is based on a Peer-to-Peer lending paradigm that uses a proprietary credit decision model, designed with cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, emulating the best innovative practices prevalent in the industry today. The platform adheres to various parameters for shortlisting borrowers, and no deviations are allowed. Therefore, for those investing in P2P lending with Tachyloans, credit risks are determined based on borrowers’ credit scores on the platform. We maintain complete transparency in borrower’s profile and breakdown of the portfolios throughout the online money lending process.

TachyLoans is an online money lending platform that cuts down the transaction time for lenders and borrowers. Furthermore, we reduce the overhead cost associated with the traditional lending process which enables us to pass on our cost savings to lenders in the form of higher returns and borrowers in the form of low-interest rates.

Lenders and borrowers can negotiate their loan Interest rates on our platform. We make investing in P2P a safe, secure, and profitable experience.

Management Team

Our company has an adept management team, equipped with an average experience of 20 years in various capacities in global corporates, across multifaceted domains such as technology, banking, marketing and operations, both domestically as well as internationally.


Brahma Mahesh Khaderbad

Co-Founder & CEO


Naveen Madgula

Co-Founder & COO


Praveen Krishnam

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Praveen Shankar

Head Distribution


Prakash Adiga

Head- Risk & Credit


Vasudevan R

Head of Finance & Accounts