FAQ: How To Change Kotak Credit Card Pin?


How can I change my Kotak credit card PIN online?

Generate Kotak Bank Credit Card PIN through Internet Banking

  1. Visit Kotak Mahindra net banking login page.
  2. Enter your CRN / Customer ID and password to login to your account.
  3. From the main menu, select ‘ Credit Cards ‘
  4. Select ‘Change or Create 6-Digit Chip Credit Card / ATM PIN ‘ from the dropdown.

How do I change my credit card pin?

If you have forgotten the PIN number of your Credit Card, you can have the number re-issued. NetBanking.

Step1 Login to NetBanking using your NetBanking ID and Password
Step2 Click on Credit Cards tab
Step3 Click Credit Card ATM PIN option
Step4 Select your Credit Card from the drop-down menu
Step5 Click on Continue

How can I generate my Kotak credit card PIN online?

Generating PIN through Net Banking Log into your Kotak Mahindra net banking account. Enter the CRN or customer ID and provide the password to log in. On the main menu, choose “ Credit Cards ” Under Credit Cards, choose the “Change or Create 6 digit chip credit card / ATM PIN ” from the dropdown menu.

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How can I change my ATM PIN in Kotak app?

Change or create your Credit Card and ATM PIN easily with our credit card services. Steps through Mobile Banking

  1. Go to Credit Cards Tab.
  2. Tap on Service Requests.
  3. Regenerate PIN.
  4. Enter your Card No. and details.
  5. Submit Request and confirm.

How can I reset my ATM PIN?

If you are at the ATM and realise “I forgot my ATM Card PIN number” after putting your card inside the machine, do not worry. Choose Forgot PIN or Regenerate ATM PIN option on the menu. You would be redirected to a screen to enter your registered mobile number, which triggers an OTP to that number.

Can I generate ATM PIN online?

Yes, you can easily create a new ATM PIN online. If you are an SBI Account holder then you can generate a new ATM PIN using the net banking facility, The only thing you have to ensure is that your registered mobile number must be updated because an OTP is required for completing the process.

How do I find my credit card pin number?

Generating a Credit Card PIN at an ATM:

  1. Step 1: Insert your credit card in the ATM machine and choose the language of your preference.
  2. Step 2: Click on “create PIN using OTP”
  3. Step 3: As soon as you click on that, a “One Time Password” will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  4. Step 4: Enter the OTP.

How can I change my ATM PIN without ATM?

You can easily change your SBI ATM PIN without going to the ATM, by just logging in to SBI Net-banking portal. After logging in, go to ‘ATM Card Services’ and select ‘ ATM PIN Generation’. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number which is to be used to verify your identity and change PIN.

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What happens if you don’t change your first time ATM card PIN within 24 hours?

If your card is blocked after three attempts at ATM, then some banks do block it for temporary basis. This temporary block can be for maximum 24 hours. If you still haven ‘ t manage to remember your debit card PIN, then visit your bank’s home or nearby branch.

How can I activate my Kotak credit card first time?

  1. Please enter the following details to proceed. Registered Mobile Number. Date of Birth. OR. CRN (Customer Relationship Number) Send OTP. Did not get the code? Click here to get the OTP on call. Confirm.
  2. Select a card that you want to activate or deactivate. Back Confirm & Proceed.

What is 6-digit PIN Kotak?

Accessing Phone Banking is easy. All you are required to do when you call us, is to enter your Customer Relationship Number followed by the ‘#’ key, and validate it by entering your 6 – digit Phone Banking PIN. This enables higher security for your transactions.

How do I know my Kotak ATM PIN?

Log into your Kotak Mobile Banking App. Click on ‘Service Requests’. Under the ‘ Debit Card ‘ section, you’ll see an option to ‘Regenerate PIN ‘.

Can ATM PIN be 6 digits?

During initial registration, last 6 digit of your ATM CARD is default UPI PIN. Normally it is a 4 digit PIN for the ATMs. Anyway if u have a 6 digit PIN, you may be right. But as the usage of your ATM Card is concerned, it can be used at any other banks any other ATM, no usurp at all.

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How can I generate my Kotak ATM PIN by SMS?

Please enter the following details

  1. Enter Card Number.
  2. Enter Card Number.
  3. Enter New PIN.
  4. Re-Enter New PIN.
  5. Enter OTP.

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