FAQ: How To Change Name On Sbi Credit Card?


How can I change my name in SBI account online?

You have to mention the following in the application:

  1. Your existing saving / current account number and customer ID / CIF number.
  2. Your existing name, followed by the new name.
  3. A a valid reason for name change.
  4. Your old and new specimen signatures.
  5. Your contact details; postal address, mobile number, and email address.

How can I correct my name spelling in SBI?

We would request you to send copy of either of the below mentioned documents for correction of your name on our records.

  1. Passport.
  2. PAN Card.
  3. Ration Card.
  4. Driving License.
  5. Court Order.
  6. Affidavit duly notarized.
  7. Advertisement in the newspaper.

How can I reset my SBI credit card?

How can I re-activate my SBI Card? We would request you to call us on our helpline number or write us at www.sbicard.com/email, It would enable us to consider your request regarding reactivation of your SBI card account.

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How do I change my SBI personal details?

Step by Step Process:-

  1. Go to ‘Profile’ tab.
  2. Click on ‘ Personal Details ‘ link.
  3. Enter profile password.
  4. Display Name, Email ID and mobile number registered in INB will be displayed.
  5. Click on the hyper link ‘ Change Mobile Number-Domestic only (Through OTP/ATM/Contact Centre)’.

Can I change my bank account name online?

No you can not do the same via online. You need to visit your home branch and submit proof for name change either Pan or Aadhaar. If name is entered worngly by bank officials which differs from your KYC do a submitted by you then bank will correct it at their end you can mail them your request.

Can we change bank account name?

Step 1: Write an Application for Change of Name Your Existing Name with the bank and New Name. Your Bank Account Number and CIN/ CIF Number (printed on your passbook/ account statement) Proper Reason for changing your name. Your Address, Registered Mobile Number and Registered Email Id.

How can I write my name correction in bank?

Writing an application for name change in bank account

  1. Bank account number, along with customer ID or CIF number.
  2. Mention your name in the communication followed by the name you want entered in your account – place the new name in capital letters/bold for legibility.

How do I correct a spelling mistake on my bank account?

Dear Sir/madam, This is to bring to your notice that my name in your bank records is incorrect and needs to be changed. My account number is ______________ and the correct name is “Shivam Kumar Chauhan” whereas in the bank records it is mentioned as “Shivam Kumar”.

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How do I change my name on credit cards?

Steps for Changing Your Name on a Credit Card

  1. Update your government-issued IDs.
  2. Contact your credit card issuer.
  3. Gather required documents.
  4. Submit your documentation.

How can I close my SBI credit card account permanently?

How can I close my Credit Card Account? You can close your Credit Card Account by writing to us or calling the SBI Card Helpline. After placing your request for account closure, you are required to cut your credit card (s) diagonally. Your request will automatically lead to the termination of the add-on cards.

How do I know if my SBI credit card is active?

You can login to your SBI Card account at sbicard.com or write to us at to check the dispatch status. You can also call us on our helpline number to check the dispatch status.

How can I close my SBI credit card permanently?

By calling the Helpline number: SBI credit cardholders, who want to cancel or close their credit card account, can do so by calling the toll-free number,1860-180-1290, or 39-02-02-02 (by using the local STD code as prefix).

How do I write a bank to change my phone number?

Sir, I am a savings bank account holder of your bank -branch. I need to change my registered mobile number from … to …. Moreover, I also need to request you to issue me the internet banking user ID and password for accessing my bank account online.

How can I change my registered mobile number in SBI without internet banking?

How to change registered mobile number in SBI without visiting

  1. Internet banking: By OTP on both the Mobile Number.
  2. Through SBI ATM: IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM.
  3. Phone banking: Approval through Contact Centre.
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How can I change my mobile number in SBI account through SMS?

-You need to send SMS from both (old and new) mobile numbers in following format ACTIVATE <8 digit OTP value> <13 digit reference number > to 567676 within 4 hrs. -Upon successful validation of the OTP value and reference number, the new mobile number inputted by you will be copied in INB, CBS and ATM.

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