FAQ: How To Credit In Bsnl?


How can I get credit balance in BSNL?

BSNL Talktime Loan BSNL prepaid subscribers will need to dial the USSD code 5117# to generate a request for loan. A carrier info message will show up asking the subscriber to choose the amount of loan they require.

What is BSNL recharge code?

Customers need to dial *124#, then press 2. You will see two options namely Scratch Card Refill and Third Party Recharge. One can choose the two options to make a recharge on your BSNL prepaid number.

How can I get BSNL advanced data?

Below are the exact steps you have to follow for Internet loan in BSNL.

  1. Create a SMS.
  2. Write CREDIT.
  3. And send it to 53738.
  4. Follow instructions and reply with your appropriate choice.

How can I borrow data from BSNL?

Your BSNL SIM card should be 90 days old.

  1. Step 1: Open Messaging App. After ensuring that you have the met the above prerequisites, head over to your messaging app and follow the second step.
  2. Step 2: Send an SMS! Now, you need to send an SMS as follows to 53738. Message- ‘CREDIT’
  3. Step 3: Voila! Free Data Will be Credited.
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How can I call BSNL without balance?

BSNL customers can simply dial the USSD code 5117# to generate a request for the talktime loan. State-owned telecom BSNL has announced a brand new offer for its customers that allows them to make calls even if they have zero balance. The new offers increases the talk time loan balance to Rs 50 from Rs 10.

How can I get internet loan?

How to take internet loan in Idea?

  1. Dial *150*06# (It will give 25MB 2G internet loan in Idea and Rs 6 rupees will be charged.)
  2. Dial *150*333# (It will give 35MB 3G data loan in Idea mobile and 11 rupees will be deduct from your main balance when you recharge.)
  3. Follow instructions and reply with your appropriate choice.

How can I check BSNL free balance?

Open your phone’s calling app and dial *123#. You can also dial an alternative USSD code *124*1#. Instantly, you will receive a text message that will give you your BSNL balance information.

What is the offer of BSNL?

BSNL Recharge Plans 2021: List of plans, data, validity, price

BSNL Recharge Plans Data Price
0.5GB/DAY Data for 26 Days Pack 0.5GB/DAY ₹118
2GB/DAY Data for 28 Days Pack 2GB/DAY ₹187
50GB Data for 30 Days Pack 50GB ₹247
10GB Data for 75 Days Pack 10GB ₹319

How can I activate Internet in BSNL?

BSNL users who wish to activate 3G/2G data for the first time may send the SMS keyword – START to 1925. However, old users can enjoy uninterrupted data services on their BSNL prepaid number without any hassle.

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How can I know my BSNL number offer?

How To Check BSNL Offers For My Number? To know how to check BSNL offers refer to the USSD Codes *124*5#1. This BSNL offer codes can be used to find the best offers you can avail.

How can I get BSNL 10 RS loan?

Dial *518# BSNL offers ussd based service to take a BSNL credit loan. Just dial *518# and press the calling button to process your BSNL loan request. The loan amount is refundable, it means when you will recharge your BSNL number next time the loan amount will be deducted from your account with the service charge.

How can I get my BSNL number?

Dial *222# (which is the BSNL mobile number check code) from your phone carrying the BSNL SIM card. 2. You will get an SMS instantly that will give you the BSNL mobile number.

How can I activate my BSNL SIM?

Steps to Activate Your BSNL SIM

  1. Turn off your cell phone if it is not already powered off.
  2. Install the BSNL SIM card in your phone.
  3. Power on the phone by pressing the “Power/End” button.
  4. Now, wait for the network.
  5. Dial “1507” or ‘123’ on the phone to confirm your card, select a language, and verify.

How do I get advance net?

Open the phone’s dialer app. Dial the above airtel net balance loan code and make a call. Wait, for the message to appear on the phone’s screen. At last, confirm your data loan to get advance 4G data.

How can I transfer balance from BSNL to BSNL?

BSNL TO BSNL Balance Transfer (USSD Code)

  1. Dial *567*99# OR *543*99# from your BSNL prepaid phone number.
  2. Select the option according to the instruction mentioned.
  3. Check your friends phone number or number which you have transferred the balance.

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