FAQ: How To Update Aadhar Card In Hdfc Credit Card?


How can I update my Aadhar card in HDFC by SMS?

Re-enter your Aadhaar Number, tap on ‘ Update ‘ and then tap on ‘Confirm’ to submit the details. “You can send an SMS from your registered mobile number to 5676712.

How can I update my Aadhaar card in HDFC Bank Online?

How to Link Aadhaar with HDFC Bank Account Online

  1. Visit at netbanking. hdfcbank.com.
  2. Login with User ID/Customer ID.
  3. In the “Accounts” section, select the “Request” option.
  4. Click on “View/ Update Aadhaar Number ”
  5. Select the account you want to link your Aadhaar with.
  6. Now enter your Aadhaar number and click on “ Update ”

How can I update my Aadhar card immediately?

How to Update Aadhar Card Details Online

  1. Visit the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal and click on “ Update your Address Online”
  2. If you have valid address proof, click on “Proceed to Update Address”
  3. In the new window, enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and click on “Send OTP” or “Enter a TOTP”
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How can I link my Aadhar card with HDFC Bank account?

Link Aadhaar and HDFC Account via Net Banking

  1. Step 1: Visit netbanking. hdfcbank.com.
  2. Step 2: Login to your account.
  3. Step 3: Under the accounts option, select “Request” section.
  4. Step 4: Next, click on the “View/Update Aadhaar Number”
  5. Step 5: Select the account number to which you would like to link the Aadhaar number.

Which bank is doing Aadhar card update?

ICICI Bank has started the Aadhaar Enrolment/ Updation activity through it’s designated branches across India.

How can I update my Aadhar card online?

  1. Visit the UIDAI website- https://uidai.gov.in/
  2. Choose My Aadhaar tab.
  3. From there, select Update Your Aadhaar section and click on Update demographics data online.
  4. You will be led to a new page.
  5. Here, users will have to feed in their Aadhaar number and the Captcha verification.
  6. Click on send OTP.


How much time aadhar seeding takes?

It takes upto 90 days for updation in Aadhaar after the request.

How can I update my Aadhar card appointment in HDFC Bank?

Visit the HDFC Branch, request for Aadhaar Enrolment or Update Form. Fill up each and every detail asked in the form, and don’t forget to provide your mobile number. Submit the form along with documents to the operator at HDFC Branch. You will be requested to have a seat for enrolment or an update.

How can I update my Aadhar card in bank account?

Linking Bank Account with Aadhaar at an ATM

  1. Swipe your ATM card and enter your PIN.
  2. In the “Services” menu, select the “Registrations” option.
  3. Now select the “ Aadhaar Registration” option.
  4. Select the account type ( savings /current) and enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number.
  5. Re-enter the Aadhaar number and click Okay button.
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What if Aadhar card is not delivered?

What should I do if I have not received the Aadhaar card? At first you can contact the call centre at 1800 180 1947 or email them at [email protected] As a second option, you can download a printable version of your e- aadhaar from eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in.

How many days does it take to update Aadhar card?

It takes upto 90 days for updation in Aadhaar after the request.

Can I change DoB in Aadhar card without proof?

In Aadhaar, if the resident provides documentary evidence of Date of Birth, then the Date of Birth is considered as “Verified”. When resident declares the DoB without any documentary evidence, then date of birth is considered as “Declared”.

How do I know my Aadhar is linked to bank account?

1. Visit the Aadhaar website – www.uidai.gov.in 2. Click on ‘ Check Aadhaar / Bank Account Linking Status’ Page 2 3. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number or 16 digit Virtual ID and security code as shown on the screen..

How can I know my Aadhaar number linked with HDFC bank account?

Go to the official website of HDFC netbanking at netbanking. hdfcbank.com. Next, you need to Login with your Customer ID and netbanking password. Select the Request option under the Accounts section. Under the Accounts section, click on View/Update Aadhaar Number.

How can I update my mobile number in Aadhar card?

To update mobile number, you can visit nearest Permanent Enrolment centre. No, you can visit any of the permanent Enrolment centre for updation. Yes, you can update your Biometrics (Finger Prints/ Iris/photograph) in Aadhaar. For Biometrics updates, you need to visit nearest Permanent Enrolment centre.

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