FAQ: How To Use Axis Bank Credit Card Reward Points?


How can I redeem my Axis Bank credit card reward points?

Step 1- Download the official Axis Bank mobile App for android or iOS. Step 2- Click on Rewards Tab from the menu to view your points balance. Step 3- Go to ‘ Redeem Now’ section and select ‘ Rewards Store’. Step 4- Choose the product you want to get.

What is the value of Axis Bank reward points?

What is the value of 1 reward points? You can earn 1 point for every Rs. 200 that you spend. How can customers register for the eDGE Loyalty Rewards program with Axis Bank?

What is the use of Axis Bank reward points?

EDGE REWARDS is a carefully crafted loyalty program by Axis Bank that allows customers to earn points for every relationship they have with the Bank – Savings and Current Account, Credit and Debit Cards and across all other retail products like Axis Direct, Forex and NRI.

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How do I use my reward points to pay my credit card bill?

For some cards, accumulated reward points can be used towards your next credit card payment. In some cases, redemption options include requesting your reward points as cash payment through a check or direct deposit, which you can then use to pay for your next credit card payment.

How are reward points calculated?

One way of calculating the value of the reward point is by checking the price of the gift available against redemption. For example, a credit card company is offering Rs 1,000 wrist watch against 5,000 reward points. Thus, each reward point is worth 20 paise.

Can I transfer axis eDGE reward points?

You will not be able to access the Axis eDGE Rewards website/ redeem products/ view points balance and transfer points. However, you can continue with your banking transactions for which you will earn reward points. 2.

Do we get reward points on axis debit card?

Click here to know more about the program. List of transactions where you can earn points.

Debit Cards Points per Rs. 200 spent Activation Offer
Smart Privilege Card 1 Point NA
* For every 500 spent, earn 3X points every time you dine or shop with your Titanium Rewards Debit Card or Rewards+ Debit Card


Which bank gives reward points on debit card?

Axis Bank! The reward points earned can be spent on over 500 exciting rewards spread across various categories. For every Rs 500 spent, earn 3X points every time you dine or shop with your Titanium Rewards Debit Card or Rewards+ Debit Card.

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Does Axis Bank charge for debit card?

Axis Bank Titanium Prime Debit Card Fees include an issuance fee of Rs. 50 along with an annual usage charge of Rs. Fees and charges for Titanium Prime Debit Card.

Card Platform MasterCard Titanium Prime
Issuance Fees 50
Annual Fees Rs. 150
Replacement Fee Rs. 200
ATM Withdrawal Limit (Per Day) Rs. 50,000

Can reward points be converted to cash?

Few credit card providers allow their cardholders to convert their reward points into cash. Depending on the type of card you hold, you can use your reward points to pay your annual fee. Most credit cards also allow the cardholders to get a cashback using their reward points.

How can I redeem my flight points through Axis Bank?

Use promo code FLIGHTAXIS while booking flight tickets and get 10x Bonus Reward Points on Axis Bank Cards. 10x Reward points will be credited only to the users who make transactions through Axis Bank Earn eligible Credit Debit card. No Minimum order value for flight bookings.

How can I convert my reward points to GCash?

In order to do so, first sign up or log into your Globe Rewards app. In the application, tap the GCash banner or search for the existing promos for GCash credits. Choose between PHP 20 GCash credits, PHP 30 GCash credits, or both.

How much is $1000 Chase points worth?

Chase Sapphire Reserve: 1.5 cents per point when redeemed for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards; 1 cent per point for other redemption methods. How much are credit card points worth?

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Type of Credit Card Points Average Point Value Average Value of 1,000 Points
Citi ThankYou Rewards Points $0.01 (1 cent) $10

How do I use my credit card points on Amazon?

Use Shop with Points

  1. Select a payment method during checkout. If your rewards program is linked to a specific card, select that card. International card holders have to select USD before proceeding.
  2. Do one of the following: Apply the maximum available points to your eligible order.

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