FAQ: What Is Deregistration Of Credit Card?


What will happen if I deregister my credit card?

If, in case, you use the card after deregistration, the bank will generate fresh dues, which will lead to the termination of the closure process. After cancellation of the primary card, all add-on credit cards will also be deactivated automatically.

What is the meaning of deregister credit card?

A cancelled or closed credit card will only affect a cardholder’s CIBIL score if they own more than a single card and use them all. In such a scenario, cancelling a credit card would mean reduction of their credit limit and an increase in the credit utilization ratio.

How can I de register my HDFC credit card?

You can initiate the cancellation process of your HDFC credit card by calling the bank’s customer service number and asking for the card cancellation. Any HDFC cardholders can do it by calling the toll-free number 1800-425-4332.

How do I cancel my credit card online?

Submit an online request: To submit an online request for credit card closure, visit the official website of the bank that you hold the card. There you need to fill up the cancellation /closure form and submit it.

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How do I close a credit card account permanently?

If you still want to cancel your credit card after reviewing your options, follow our step-by-step guide.

  1. Pay off any remaining balance. Pay off your credit card balance in full prior to canceling your card.
  2. Redeem any rewards.
  3. Call your bank.
  4. Send a cancellation letter.
  5. Check your credit report.
  6. Destroy your old card.

How can I block my credit card?

Call SBI helpline 1860-1801-290 or 39020202, by prefixing your local STD code and raise your request to block the card. You can also call SBI toll free number 1860 180 1290. Make sure you have your credit card number handy to help the phone banking executive easily identify you.

How do you write a letter to cancel a credit card?

Sub: Request to terminate / cancel my credit card – Reg. Due to personal reasons, I don’t need the credit card. Hence, I request you to terminate / cancel my credit card and the linked card account no. ____ ( write the credit card account no.)

How can I close my Yes Bank credit card?

How To Close Or Cancel A Yes Bank Credit Card

  1. The cardholder needs to send a written notice for cancellation and send it to the following address:
  2. By Dialling Customer Care Number: Also cancellation request can be filed by contacting Yes bank customer care center at 1800 103 6000 or 1800 103 1212.

How can I Preclose HDFC credit card?

After obliging with all the repayments, you can call up the customer support of HDFC Bank to request for a NOC (No Objection Certificate). You can also pre-close the loan before completing the actual tenure. However, you may be charged a penalty fee for pre-closure.

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Can I cancel a credit card I just opened?

However, your new credit card account was opened as soon as you were approved, and the issuer may have already started reporting it to the credit bureaus. Activation simply gives you access to use the card; the only way to get rid of the account is to cancel it.

What are some reasons for canceling a card?

When deciding whether you should close a credit card account, consider some reasons why credit card closure makes sense.

  • You’re Getting Divorced.
  • You Don’t Want to Pay the Fees.
  • The Card No Longer Makes Sense.
  • The Card Has Been Used Fraudulently.
  • You’re Done with Debt.

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