How To Add Credit Card In Ola?


How can I add payment method in Ola?

Paying for your Ola rides gets simpler

  1. Tap on the Change Payment option present at the bottom right of Ride Track page.
  2. Select the payment mode you like from the available options.
  3. Check Offers section at the bottom of the payment screen for deals.
  4. Enter your details for the selected payment method and proceed.

How do I add a credit card to my account?

Add a payment method

  1. Open the Google Play app.
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions Payment methods. Add payment method.
  4. Choose the payment method you want to add.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How can I use Ola Money credit card?


  1. With Flexipay, convert your transactions in easy monthly installments. Make any purchase for Rs. 2,500 or more using your Ola Money SBI Card, and log in with your username and password to within 30 days of purchase to convert it into Flexipay.
  2. Click here to learn how to book Flexipay.
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How do I change my default payment in Ola?

Employees can visit their Corporate Profile on the Olacabs app and set default payment mode by adding card details from the ‘ Payments ‘ tab. Please Note: Default payment mode can only be set, if the corporate ride policy is with Pay and get reimbursed payment mode.

Can you pay cash for Ola?

Not only can you pay with cash you can also use Ola Money, Ola Money Postpaid, and your credit or debit card. Paying with cash couldn’t be easier. When you are booking your next ride, choose the Pick a Payment option. All you need to do is select Cash, and you ‘re good to go.

Can I pick up someone in Ola?

Ola requires the location of your device for various reasons and thus you need to provide it the permission. Tap on the OK option as indicated by the arrow. 3. Tap on ” pick up ” location: After you provide Ola with the location permission, you will get the following screen.

How can I pay my credit card with debit card?

Most of the banks allow you to make credit card payments using a debit card without any registration. You can directly enter your debit card details in the payment channel or use your debit card at the bank’s ATM to make payment.

Why is my payment method being declined?

There is a large number of reasons why a credit card may be declined, from there not being enough funds available on the card, to the card being expired, the billing address being incorrect, etc. Some of the most common errors associated with declined cards are listed below, along with an explanation of their meaning.

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Why can’t I add payment method on iPhone?

One of the most common reasons why it says Invalid Payment Method on your iPhone is because you have to update your payment information. It’s possible your current payment method has expired and needs to be updated. Then, tap Payment & Shipping and enter your Apple ID password.

How can I get free Ola money?

How to Refer and Earn on Ola Money?

  1. Open your Ola App.
  2. Now click open the menu.
  3. In the menu section, you will see ‘Refer & Earn ‘.
  4. Click on ‘Refer and Earn ‘ and you will see a referral code. [ You Can use this Referral Code: 0B6EBJU ]
  5. Now send it as an Invite to your friends to download the Ola App.

How can I increase my Ola credit limit?

* increase in the limit will vary from person to person. By sending across documents you provide consent to check your credit score from the bureau and share details with affiliate partners. Offer applicable only for people receiving this communication.

What is Ola money everyday card?

It’s an everyday card that lets you spend anywhere anytime. You can pay online or offline and settle your bills 30 days later. It’s made for your comfort. You also get so many rewards including exclusive offers from top brands like Cult.

Do we need to pay toll in Ola?

The Ola partner will take care of all toll charges so you can continue to enjoy a hassle free ride. Although, on Outstation rides, toll charges have to be paid additionally during the ride.

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How do I prebook Ola?

– Login to your Ola App and on Book your Ride screen enter the pickup location where you would like the driver to pick you up. – Select a cab category and tap RIDE LATER option to make a booking. Note – Ride Later option is available in select cities on select cab categories only.

How much is Ola cancellation fee?

Cancellation fee of 10% of the total fare, not exceeding ₹100 has been set for both riders and drivers.

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