How To Change Citibank Credit Card Pin?


How do I retrieve my Citibank credit card PIN?

To receive the PIN at a new mailing address, you can visit Citibank Online, login to your account using your User ID and Internet Password (IPIN) and change your mailing and non-mailing address.

How do I reset my Citibank IPIN?

Credit Cards On-boarding – Steps to create User ID, IPIN, APIN

  1. Select Credit Card from account information dropdown.
  2. Authenticate account information using OTP.
  3. Choose USER ID.
  4. Choose IPIN (Internet password)
  5. Choose APIN (ATM PIN)
  6. Login using USER ID and IPIN.

How can I change my Citibank ATM PIN online?

Via Online Banking

  1. Log in to the internet banking service with your credentials.
  2. Select the tab that says ‘Credit cards’ on the left side of your screen.
  3. Click on the ‘ PIN related’ category and select ‘ ATM PIN. ‘
  4. You will be redirected to the page where you can change your debit card PIN.

What if I forgot my credit card pin?

If you have forgotten the PIN number of your Credit Card, you can have the number re-issued. NetBanking.

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Step1 Login to NetBanking using your NetBanking ID and Password
Step2 Click on Credit Cards tab
Step3 Click Credit Card ATM PIN option
Step4 Select your Credit Card from the drop-down menu
Step5 Click on Continue


How can I change my Citibank credit card PIN online?

Online Banking Use your net banking ID and password to log into the portal. Click on ‘ Credit Cards ‘ found on the left-hand side of the screen. Select ‘ PIN related’ followed by ‘ATM PIN ‘. You will then be redirected to a webpage allowing you to change your credit card PIN.

How can I activate my Citibank credit card?

How: Log in to Citibank Online® at www. with your User ID and Password. Select “Services/ My profile”. Click ” Card activation ” and select your card name for activation.

What is my Citibank pin?

You will get a PIN number for your Citi credit card once you are approved for a card. When you receive and activate your new Citi card, you will receive a PIN number by mail between 5 to 10 business days later. The mailing will include your four-digit PIN, or Personal Identification Number.

How can I change my Citibank credit card?

How to Upgrade Citibank Credit Card?

  1. Users can contact the customer care centre and ask for a card upgrade. The Customer care executive will guide the user in this regard.
  2. Customers can also contact Citi Bank customer care number 1860-210-2484 to place the request.

Can I change my ATM PIN online?

Considering the scale of this new breach, it is advisable to change your debit card PIN at the earliest, and you don’t even have to go to the ATM or the bank branch to change it. All the abovementioned banks, except SBI, allow netbanking users to change their debit card PIN online.

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How do I get a new ATM PIN?

Follow these steps to generate the ATM PIN using the net banking portal:

  1. Log in to the net banking portal with the username and password provided.
  2. Choose the account that account holder wish to generate the ATM PIN for.
  3. Then choose the “ ATM Card Services” option.
  4. Click on “ Generate New ATM ”
  5. Enter the desired ATM PIN.


How can I activate my Citibank ATM PIN online?

Choose your User ID and Card PIN.

  1. Enter Account. Information.
  2. Authenticate. Account Information.
  3. Choose. User ID.
  4. Choose. PIN.
  5. Login to. Citibank Online.

How can I change my credit card pin number?

Changing a Credit Card PIN at an ATM

  1. Step 1: Insert your credit card in the ATM machine and choose the language of your preference.
  2. Step 2: Enter your existing credit card PIN.
  3. Step 3: Click on “ change PIN ”
  4. Step 4: As soon as you click on that, a “One Time Password” will be sent to your registered mobile number.

How do I change my card PIN?

iPhone/ Android Mobile App steps:

  1. From the main menu, select Manage Cards, then choose the debit card you’d like to reset.
  2. Select Change PIN.
  3. Verify your identity by completing additional authentication.
  4. Enter your desired PIN and select Save PIN.

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