Often asked: How To Close Rbl Credit Card Online?


How do I permanently block my RBL credit card?

To block RBL credit card, you can also call customer care. The customer care toll-free number for RBL credit card is 022-62327777 and that for RBL credit SuperCard is 022-71190900. You can call the number and request the customer care executive to block RBL credit card.

How can I speak to RBL customer care?

For regular queries on RBL credit cards, you can contact +91 22 6232 7777 or 1800 121 9050 from your registered mobile number. You can also write an e-mail to [email protected] in case you are not able to connect via phone. The bank also provides a separate customer care number for RBL SuperCard holders.

How do I block RBL credit card via SMS?

If you want to know how to block your RBL credit card, you can start by downloading or accessing the RBL MyCard app or dialling the toll-free number 022-71190900 and asking the customer representative to block the credit card.

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How can I cancel my Bajaj Finance card?

Cancel Bajaj Finserv RBL Credit Card By Customer Care Make a call to 022-71190900 and ask the representative how to close a credit card. Verify your SuperCard account by submitting basic information and the representative will initiate your request.

Why is my RBL credit card blocked?

When your credit card is blocked due to payment defaults Depending on your issuer’s policies, your credit card may be blocked when you skip multiple payments. In the event that the defaults are minimal, you are likely to be able to unblock your RBL credit card by paying the minimum or total amount due.

How do I block and reissue my RBL credit card?

Block RBL Bank Credit Card Via Phone For reporting a credit card which you have lost or misplaced, you can always reach out to the RBL bank by calling 1800 121 9050. This is the RBL Credit Card Customer service number. You should send an email to [email protected] if you own an RBL super card.

Can I convert RBL reward points to cash?

After selecting your flight, proceed to payment. Click on Redeem Points and select the number of points you would want to redeem. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to complete your transaction.

Is RBL bank safe?

Investing in a fixed deposits with the highest rating of AAA, rated by ICRA and CRISIL, is a reliable investment option. Thus, RBL Bank term deposit is safe and secure, as the funds are backed by the government no matter what the current situation of the Bank is.

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How do you foreclose RBL dial for cash?

Call 022 62327777 (for RBL Bank Credit Card) & 022 71190900 (for BFL SuperCard) SMS “ CASH ” to 5607011.

What is the billing cycle of RBL credit card?

The billing cycles vary from month to month, and can range from 28 to 31 days, depending on the credit card and the issuer. If your card statement is generated on the 10th of every month, the billing cycle will start from the 11th of each month, and will continue till the 10th of the following month.

How do I apply for a lost RBL credit card?

Call up your issuer and get your credit card blocked Take action by looking up your issuer’s credit card customer care number online, and report the loss. For example, if you want to block a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you need to call 022-71190900.

How do I check my RBL credit card limit via SMS?

Check RBL Bank Credit Card Balance Through USSD Service The USSD can be used to check your credit card balance: From your registered number dial *99*79*1# Type in the last four digits of your credit card number. You will get an SMS with the credit card balance.

How do I cancel my BFL EMI network card annual fee?

Bajaj Finserv Credit cards can also be cancelled by reaching out to their customer care at 022-71190900. Provide the necessary details to verify identity and initiate the process.

What happens if Bajaj EMI is not paid?

– An increased interest rate: If you haven’t paid your EMIs, the lender will increase the interest rate and/or levy additional fees and charges on your loan. – A lower CIBIL score: An EMI default would lead to the borrower’s credit score being lowered, which affects his future ability to take debt.

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Can I transfer money from Bajaj EMI card to bank account?

Money transfer credit cards are available, which are specifically for such purposes. You can transfer the funds directly to your bank account. With Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard you don’t incur any interest if you repay the amount within a period of 50 days.

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