Often asked: How To Get Ola Credit?


How can I get Ola money?

Head over to your Olacabs app and follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Profile Menu.
  2. Click on OlaMoney.
  3. Add money into your wallet through any payment mode.
  4. Get started right away!

What is Ola Money credit card?

The OLA Money SBI card is a co-branded credit card offered by the State Bank of India in partnership with OLA cabs. This card is curated for the people who travel regularly by cabs and offers a wide range of benefits such as reward points on OLA spends. The card comes with a zero joining fee and an annual fee of Rs.

How can I increase my Ola credit limit?

* increase in the limit will vary from person to person. By sending across documents you provide consent to check your credit score from the bureau and share details with affiliate partners. Offer applicable only for people receiving this communication.

How can I get Ola money postpaid?

How to apply?

  1. Navigate to Profile Menu from top left corner.
  2. Click on OlaMoney from the Menu.
  3. Select OlaMoney Postpaid.
  4. Get started right away!
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Is Ola money safe?

Safe: Ola Money is safe to use as the user’s data will be kept secure. Seamless Experience: It is easier and simpler to make payments using Ola Money.

Does Ola take legal action?

(c) OFS is the sole and absolute owner of all the intellectual property rights in the trademark ‘ ‘ Ola Money’, and any design in respect thereof. Further, OFS will be entitled to take any legal action against any person invading and/or encroaching upon the said rights of OFS.

Can we pay Ola by credit card?

You can pay for your Ola ride using your credit /debit card. Select Payments from the Ola app menu. Click on Add a Credit /Debit card. Enter your card details and click Save Card.

How can I use Ola card?

To use the card, you need to have the Ola app. The app has an in-built section called Ola Money and this is where the cashbacks and rewards on your spends will accumulate. You do not need to install a separate app or register anywhere else.

How can I transfer my Ola money to bank account?

Make sure your OLA wallet is KYC updated otherwise please update KYC first and then try to transfer money to bank account.

  1. Download OLA money application for Android | IOS,
  2. Select withdrawal option,
  3. Fill account details with IFSC code,
  4. Fill amount you want to transfer,
  5. Submit to next step,
  6. FIll OTP & Transfer.

How do I contact Ola customers?


  1. Phone number 080-67350900.
  2. Fax number 080-67350904.

What is Ola postpaid+?

Postpaid Plus is an invite only offer for upgrading your Ola Money Postpaid to a higher credit line with a 30 days credit cycle by completing a few simple steps. This is a loan product, which we are providing in partnership with our affiliate financial partners.

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How do I change my payment method to cash in Ola?

Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Tap on the Change Payment option present at the bottom right of Ride Track page.
  2. Select the payment mode you like from the available options.
  3. Check Offers section at the bottom of the payment screen for deals.
  4. Enter your details for the selected payment method and proceed.

Can I withdraw Ola money?

As per RBI guidelines, only Full KYC customers can withdraw money to bank account and transfer to other OlaMoney account. Please complete Full KYC to use these functionalities. In the meantime, you can use your OlaMoney balance to recharge, pay bills, pay for goods & services on our merchant websites/apps/outlets.

What happens if I dont pay Ola postpaid?

In the new structure, a fixed late fee will be charged immediately if you miss your due date. Post this, the same amount will be charged again every 30 days*, until all dues are settled. * Fixed late fees will be charged on the 1st, 31st, 61st and 80th-day post due date.

What is the benefit of Ola money?

Your Ola Money wallet gets credited with Rs. 500 instantly. Additionally, you get flat Rs. 60 cashback on 10 Micro, Mini and Prime rides, making the total benefit Rs.

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