Often asked: How To Pay Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Online?


How do I pay my Standard Chartered credit card bill?

Step 1 Log in to your Online Banking Account. Step 2 Perform a minimum of RM100 bill payment or JomPAY bill payment in a single transaction on either Standard Chartered Online or Mobile Banking.

How can I pay my Standard Chartered credit card bill from other bank?

Other Payment Options

  1. Cheque and Cash payment.
  2. Phone banking. Simply call our phone banking helpline and request a transfer from your bank account Find out more »
  3. Auto debit. Set up an automatic instruction to pay your bill in full or meet the minimum payment every monthDownload form »
  4. Payment Apportionment.

How can I pay my credit card bill online?

Methods to Pay Credit Card Payment Online

  1. Through internet banking.
  2. NEFT/RTGS online funds transfer.
  3. IMPS Method.
  4. Through BillDesk.
  5. Auto debit facility.
  6. Mobile wallets and payment systems.
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How do I pay my SCB credit card BillDesk?

  1. Provide your Credit Card Details. Enter your 16 digit Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card number and the amount you would like to pay.
  2. Confirm Payment. Enter your authentication details ( Net Banking User ID and Password of your Bank Account / Equivalent details).
  3. Receive online confirmation.

How do I pay my credit card on Standard Bank app?

You can make inter-account- payment on the app. Please go to settings, manage cards, you will be able to view all your accounts linked and transfer payments accordingly.

How can I pay my credit card bill with a debit card?

Most of the banks allow you to make credit card payments using a debit card without any registration. You can directly enter your debit card details in the payment channel or use your debit card at the bank’s ATM to make payment.

When should I pay my Standard Chartered credit card bill?

Payments must be made at least once every month by the due date. You can make as many payments as you like and as often as you want as long as the minimum amount due is paid by the due date.

What is the billing cycle of Standard Chartered Credit Card?

The Payment Due Date on your Card can be between 18 and 25 days after the Statement Date (Please check your statement for your exact Payment Due Date ). Therefore, the interestfree credit period can range from 18-48 days to 25-55 days depending on your Payment Due Date.

How do I check my credit card bill?

Checking your credit card outstanding balance

  1. Net banking: This is one way to check credit card balance online.
  2. SMS alerts: Banks provides customers with SMS alerts as when they use their card for payment.
  3. Customer service:
  4. By ATM:
  5. Visiting a branch.
  6. Monthly statements.
  7. Mobile App.
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What is the best way to pay credit card bill?

It’s best to pay the statement balance on your credit bill by the due date each month. Doing so will allow you to avoid incurring any interest or fees. You could alternatively pay your current balance, which will be higher than your statement balance, since it includes charges from the current billing cycle.

How can I pay my credit card without bank account?

If you don’t have a bank account, you can find workarounds to pay your bills. Many places don’t want you to pay in cash, particularly by mail, so you need to find other solutions. The main options you have are check cashiers, money orders, and prepaid debit cards.

How can I pay my credit card bill with cash?

In most cases, at least for major banks, you can pay your credit card with cash. To do this, you need to go to the bank where the card is issued. You then inform the teller that you’d like to pay your credit card. Also, since cash is pretty much untraceable, banks will notify IRS if it’s more than 10k in cash.

How can I add payment method to Standard Chartered Credit Card?

  1. Step 1: Log in to your online banking account at sc.com/vn/en/ or Mobile Banking app.
  2. Step 2: Select tab “Menu -> Credit Cards -> Credit Card Payment -> Choose “Auto Payment Request”
  3. Step 3: Input information as required and choose “Next”
  4. Step 4: Select preferred payment account and choose “Next”

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