Often asked: How To Redeem Reward Points Of Kotak Credit Card?


How can I use my Kotak credit card for easy points?

You can redeem your reward points against airline tickets, merchandise, and mobile recharge, and convert them to Easy Points where 2 reward points = 1 Easy Point. Can I use my Kotak Bank credit card for international transactions? Yes, you can use your Korak Bank credit cards for international transactions.

Can we convert credit card reward points to cash?

Only a few credit card issuers allow their customers to convert the reward points to cash which can be later used against paying the outstanding principal. Alternatively, you can also call up the customer care team to help you with the conversion process.

How do I redeem my credit card points?

Online redemption is the most convenient ways to redeem your Reward Points as it can be done without calling up the bank’s customer care department. Most banks offer you home delivery for products purchased online against Reward Points. You can also convert these points into air miles and use them to buy air tickets.

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How use Kotak cash rewards?

811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card

  1. Earn 500 bonus reward points on Activation + Rs. 5000/- spends in the first 45 days of card set up.
  2. Earn 2 reward points against every Rs. 100/- of online spends.
  3. Earn 1 reward point against every Rs. 100/- of other* spends.

How can I redeem my Kotak flight points?

Steps to book flight tickets on Kotak Mobile Banking App:

  1. Login to your Kotak Mahindra Bank Mobile App.
  2. Go to KayMall section and select Flight Booking.
  3. Select details and move to payment page.
  4. Make payment through Kotak accounts or credit card.
  5. Booking confirmation.

How can I convert my reward points to GCash?

In order to do so, first sign up or log into your Globe Rewards app. In the application, tap the GCash banner or search for the existing promos for GCash credits. Choose between PHP 20 GCash credits, PHP 30 GCash credits, or both.

How can I calculate my redeem points?

The math is simple: Multiply the dollar value of the reward by 100 and divide that by the number of points. Our example looks like this: (650×100)/50,000=1.3. And if you earned two points for every dollar you spent, then you had to spend $25,000 to earn enough points for the airplane ticket.

What is the value of reward points?

What is the value of 1 Reward Point? 1 Reward Point is equivalent to INR 25 Paise. Thus, 1000 Reward Points get you free shopping worth Rs. 250.

How do I use my Visa reward points?

You may redeem your accumulated points online at the Visa Extras website or by phone. Redeeming them online is similar to purchasing items from an online retailer. Select the item you want, place it in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page, where you will pay for your purchase with points instead of cash.

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How do reward points work?

Points credit cards reward you for every dollar you spend. You may even get extra points for making certain types of purchases. For example, a credit card might offer 3 points per dollar on all travel purchases (hotels, airfare, etc.), while giving 1 point per dollar on other types of purchases.

How much is 10000 TD Points worth?

When converted to dollars, 1 TD Reward point is worth $0.005 CAD. 1000 TD Points would be worth $5. 10,000 TD Points would be worth $50. 100,000 TD Points would be worth $500.

Does Kotak debit card have reward points?

Kotak offers benefits across categories like travel, shopping, and lifestyle, among others. With Kotak debit cards, one can earn rewards, withdraw cash, shop online, shop offline and can pay bills among others.

How can I use Kotak voucher code?

Steps to redeem the vouchers:

  1. Select the brand Amazon voucher, and click on Buy Now.
  2. At the checkout page, enter your email ID and mobile number to receive the voucher on the entered email ID.
  3. Enter your 16 digit Gift Card No and PIN at the Checkout page and click Apply and then click on Place Order.

How do I claim my Kotak PVR ticket?

Claim your PVR Coupon

  1. Open www. kotak.com.
  2. Click on Net Banking.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Select Credit Card tab.
  5. Select PVR Coupon Claim.
  6. Kotak Credit Card customers (holding no other account with the bank) can generate Net Banking password online for the first time use by clicking on forget password option.

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