Often asked: Which Hdfc Credit Card Is Best?


Which HDFC credit card is best for salaried employees?

Income Eligibility for Top HDFC Credit Cards

Credit Card Minimum Income for Salaried
HDFC Millennia Credit Card Rs. 25,000 p.m.
HDFC Times Titanium Credit Card Rs. 25,000 p.m.
HDFC Times Platinum Credit Card Rs. 35,000 p.m.
HDFC Diners Clubmiles Credit Card Rs. 30,000 p.m.

Which is the most premium HDFC credit card?

The HDFC Diners Club Black Card is a very profitable premium card for high spenders, but you must have an annual income of at least Rs. 2,100,000 to be considered. Best Premium Card: HDFC Diners Club Black Card.

Age Requirement 21-60 (65 if self-employed)
Annual Income Requirement Rs. 2,100,000

Which credit card is best Axis or HDFC?

Comparison of Fees and Waiving off Criteria

Basis of Difference Axis Privilege Credit Card HDFC Regalia Credit Card
Annual Renewal Fees ₹1500 + Applicable Taxes ₹2500 + Applicable Taxes
Waiving Off Criteria Spend ₹2.5 Lacs in a Year to Waive off the fees. Spend ₹3 Lacs in a Year to Waive off the fees.
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Are HDFC millennia cards good?

1,000, the cashback structure of this HDFC credit card is pretty decent. Even EMI transactions are eligible for respective cashback. However, it does not cover fuel transactions under the cashback program which can be a drawback for individuals who load most of their fuel spendings on credit cards.

What is the salary limit for HDFC credit card?

HDFC Bank Credit Card Eligibility Criteria
Criteria Details
Maximum Age 60 years (for salaried), 65 years (for self-employed)
Minimum Income Required Rs. 10,000 onwards
Other Criteria Should have a regular source of income Should have a decent credit score

What credit card do billionaires use?

1. American Express Centurion Card. The American Express Centurion Card is the most exclusive credit card in the world and commonly known as the “Amex Black Card.” Launched in 1999, American Express has kept it in a shroud of uncertainty, giving it a very high level of status in the minds of consumers.

Can I have 2 HDFC credit cards?

Getting approved for Multiple HDFC bank credit Cards: So having 5 Lakh or more limit on a single card increases your chances of holding multiple credit cards from HDFC, usually limited to maximum of 2 cards per person.

Which is the most powerful credit card?

American Express Centurion Card 250 000 dollars and according to your needs, so, the little magical card will be suggested.

Is Citibank better than HDFC?

HDFC Bank however, compares favorably on the revenue per employee front. Though NIM (Net Interest Margin) of Citigroup is significantly higher, it is not strictly comparable. HDFC Bank Vs Citigroup.

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Particulars Citibank HDFC Bank
Operating margin 22.20% 11.80%
Profits per employee 2.56 0.9
Revenues per employees 17.6 16.9
NIM (%) 7.6 3.3

Which credit card is best SBI or HDFC?

List of 10 Best Credit Cards in India for 2021

Top 10 Credit Cards Annual Fee Best Suited For
Axis Bank Ace Credit Card Rs. 499 Cashback
Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Nil Online Shopping & Cashback
HDFC Regalia Credit Card Rs. 2,500 Travel & Shopping
BPCL SBI Card Octane Rs. 1,499 Fuel

Is Icici better than HDFC?

The highlighted ones are the metrics where HDFC Bank has performed better than ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank has outpaced HDFC Bank on nearly every count in the last three months.

Growth ICICI Bank HDFC Bank
Profit after tax +260.5% +26%

Which credit card is better than HDFC regalia?

Comparison of the Fee – HDFC Infinia vs HDFC Regalia

Basis of Difference HDFC Infinia HDFC Regalia
Renewal Fees Waiving Off Criteria Spend more than ₹8 Lacs in a year and waive off the Renewal Fees. Spend more than 3 Lacs within 3 Months and waive off the Renewal Fees.

Which credit card is best HDFC regalia first or millennia?

HDFC Regalia First Card is best suited for individuals who desire to get decent travel and shopping benefits from their credit card but do not wish to spend a lot on the joining and/or annual fee.

Is HDFC millennia Card International?

The HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card for millennials is ideal when you travel overseas and require a secure means of payment. Use your Debit Card for International spends. To know more about the HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card, click here.

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