Question: How To Check Standard Chartered Credit Card Points?


How can I check my Standard Chartered credit card balance?

Check Standard Chartered Credit Card Balance Through Online Banking

  1. Step 1: Log in to the bank’s Online Banking portal.
  2. Step 2: On the left, you need to click on ‘ Cards ‘
  3. Step 3: Choose ‘ Card Details’ to see the balance under ‘Current Balance ‘

What is reward points in Standard Chartered Bank?

Reward points are one of the incentives banks provide to its customers when they use their credit cards. With Standard Chartered’s Platinum Rewards credit card, you can earn reward points for every INR 150 you spend to make a purchase, either online or offline, making it the best credit card for the same.

How can I redeem my Standard Chartered credit card cashback?

2.1 You can either make a redemption request online, through our branches, or via our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline. To make a redemption request online, you must register for online banking. 2.2 Once we have accepted a redemption request, you cannot revoke, cancel, return or exchange it.

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How can I redeem my Standard Chartered Credit Card Points in Pakistan?

To redeem your choice of reward, please call our 24-hour Phone Banking at 111 002 002.

How do I check my balance on Standard Bank Mobile?

How do I check my balance? Dial *140# from your Standard Bank Mobile SIM.

How do I know if my credit card is active?

Call Customer Service The simplest way to clear up any question about whether your credit card is still active is to call the issuer and ask. Call the number on the back of your card to inquire about the status of your account. If inactive, customer service can likely reactivate.

How can I get Standard Chartered reward points?

The reward points earned will be as per below:

  1. Spend INR 500 on entertainment and earn 50 reward points.
  2. Spend INR 3000 on groceries and earn 100# reward points.
  3. Spend INR 1000 on utilities and earn 100 reward points.
  4. Spend INR 500 on telecom and earn 50 reward points.

How can I redeem Standard Chartered reward points?


  1. Follow the below steps to know the details of your accumulated reward points: Step 1: Log in to Online Banking. Step 2: Select “Online Rewards ” Step 3: Follow the instructions to redeem reward points accumulated from a variety of choices available.
  2. Click here to register for Online Banking or SC Mobile.

What is benefit of Standard Chartered Credit Card?

Apply for a Credit Card with Standard Chartered and avail the following benefits: Cashback on fuel, phone and utility bills. Rewards on entertainment, movies, online shopping. Travel benefits.

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Can I withdraw cash from my Standard Chartered Credit Card?

Cash from Standard Chartered Bank credit cards can be withdrawn from Standard Chartered ATMs and other bank ATMs that accept Visa, MasterCard, Visa Plus or MasterCard Cirrus powered cards. The procedure to withdraw cash from a credit card is almost similar to debit card cash withdrawal.

Which credit card is best in Standard Chartered?

Best Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards in India 2021

SCB Credit Card Annual Fee
Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card Rs. 750
Standard Chartered Ultimate Card Rs. 5,000
Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit Card Rs. 3,000
Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card Rs. 49/month

What is unlimited cash back?

An unlimited cash back credit card gives cash back rewards on all purchases, with no caps on the amount you can earn. On many cards, but not all, cash back rewards also never expire. There are also some cash back credit cards that offer unlimited rewards in specific spending categories but not others.

How do I check my reward points?

How can I check my credit card reward points summary? By logging in to > Dashboard > at the bottom, the rewards points summary & expiring rewards points are displayed. By login SBI Card mobile app.

How do I waive Standard Chartered annual fee?

How to request for a Credit Card Fee Waiver?

  1. On Help & Services, navigate to “Service request by category” and under “Card Management” select “Credit Card Fee Waiver ”
  2. You will only be shown the eligible cards for fee waiver.
  3. You can select up to 5 cards.
  4. You will have to agree on the T&C and Click the YES button.
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How can I redeem MCB credit card points?

Points Redemption: Customer can call our 24/7 Call Centre at 111-000-622 and request for any product available in our | Shop Catalogue, which is updated on the website, if the accumulated points are equal to or greater than the point value of the selected product.

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