Question: How To Convert Credit Card Payment To Emi In Kotak?


Can we convert Kotak credit card bill into EMI?

With Kotak Credit Card you can shop hassle-free and convert your outstanding credit card balance to easy EMIs.

How can I pay my Kotak Credit Card EMI?

Log in to Kotak Net Banking. Select ‘ Credit Card ‘ option from the Home Page. Select ‘ Payments ” Click on ‘Make Payment ‘ Option.

Can I pay all EMI of credit card at once Kotak?

Kotak Bank Credit Cardholder can choose to cancel the Instant EMI transaction and pay in full instead of monthly instalments by calling the 24 hour Kotak Bank Credit Cards customer service.

Can we convert credit card to EMI?

You can convert most of the credit card payments into the proposed EMI schemes. Although, a Credit Card purchase of gold or any jewellery is not entitled to EMIs. Additionally, transactions that crossed 60 days or more, can ‘t be taken into consideration.

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What is the billing cycle of Kotak Credit Card?

Effective 5th May, 2014: Payment Due Date on your Card can be between 18 and 21 days after the Statement Date (Please check your statement for your exact Payment Due Date ). Therefore free credit period can range from 18-48 days to 21-51 days depending on your Payment Due Date.

Can I get EMI on debit card?

Debit EMI is a new EMI method using which you can avail EMI on your debit card. You don’t need to have the entire amount in your account at the time of transaction and bank will not block any amount on your card. Currently, EMI is available only on HDFC, SBI, Axis, ICICI, Federal and Kotak Mahindra debit cards.

How can I check my Kotak Credit Card EMI?

Steps to avail EMI

  1. Login to www.
  2. Click on Net Banking option.
  3. Enter CRN in User ID.
  4. Enter Password or Click on “Get Net Banking Password Online”
  5. Click on Credit Card Tab.
  6. Choose Convert to EMI option under Credit Cards tab.

How is credit card EMI calculated?

You can calculate the EMI on your credit card bill with a record of the interest rate and processing fee which is decided by your bank. The EMI will be calculated based on the remainder of the total purchase amount multiplied by the interest rate and tenure, and processing charges.

How can I get EMI for Kotak debit card?

To check your Kotak Debit card EMI eligibility, you just need to send an SMS from your registered mobile number. SMS CDL<space><Your PAN Number> to 5676788 to know your pre-approved limit.

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How can I check my Kotak EMI card limit?

How to check eligibility of my Smart EMI Card? You can check your eligible limit by sending “CDL<space><Your PAN Number>” to 5676788 from your mobile number registered with the Bank. You can also send DCEMI<space><Last 4 digits of Kotak Debit Card Number> to 5676788 from your mobile number registered with the bank.

What is the interest rate for Kotak Credit Card?

Apply for Kotak Mahindra Bank credit cards to enjoy a variety of benefits like reward points, dining benefits, travelling privileges etc. Annual fees range from 0 to Rs. 1,999 and the interest rate is 3.5% per month. Fees and charges of Kotak Credit Card.

Type of fees Charges
Interest rate Starts at 3.3% p.m.


How do I foreclose EMI on Kotak credit card?

You may request for foreclosure of loan online (Click here to submit your query/request) (OR) you may visit the nearest branch and submit the physical request (OR) you may call our Customer Contact Centre on 18602662666 (Local call rates apply) between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Mon to Fri excluding holidays.

How can I get EMI on credit card?

The moment your EMI scheme is in action, your bank will temporarily block an amount equal to the value of the purchase you made through the EMI option. Your bank will start increasing your credit limit by the amount equal to your monthly EMI as you start paying back.

How can I convert my SBI card to EMI?

Q 2. How can I book Flexipay?

  1. Click on ‘Flexipay’ under the Benefits section on the left hand navigation.
  2. Select the transaction (s) >₹ 500 you want to convert into Flexipay, select the tenure and rate of interest and confirm the booking.
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What is EMI transaction?

When you make a purchase online using your credit card, you can convert the transaction amount into equated monthly instalments (EMIs). The EMI includes a portion of the principal outstanding and interest component, which you need to pay every month until the full amount is paid.

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