Question: How To Pay Lic Premium By Credit Card?


Can I pay LIC premium through credit card?

LIC Online Payment Options i.e. Credit /Debit Cards Other than net banking, you can also use your credit /debit card to make the LIC online premium payment. The LIC online payment through credit and debit card is processed via IDBI Gateway.

Which credit card is best for LIC payment?

Best Credit Cards for Insurance Premium Payments in India 2021

Best Credit Cards for Insurance Premium Payments
Top Pick SC Ultimate
Secured BOB Financial Prime
High Income YES Prosperity Cashback Plus
YES Prosperity Cashback

What are the charges for paying LIC premium by credit card?

LIC policy premium payment: Now, pay through credit cards at no extra charges. To promote digital transactions, Life Insurance Corporation or LIC has waived off the convenience fee on all payments, including payment through credit cards, to the national insurer, effective December 1.

Is it safe to pay LIC premium online?

LIC Online Payment – For Registered/Non-registered Users You can now pay the LIC premiums online efficiently and securely. The payment process for registered and non-registered users are different. Nevertheless, customers will benefit from the same efficiency and security of making payments anywhere and anytime. 5

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How can I pay LIC premium without paying?

Select the options – Net-banking, credit card and debit card – to make the premium payment. It provides real-time payment of renewal premium -dues through the online portal. This functionality is available only to registered customers who have enrolled their policies with the insurer.

Can I apply lic credit card online?

You can avail a world of premium and unmatched benefits with the credit cards offered by LIC. Top credit cards offered by LIC.

Credit card variant Joining fee
LIC Signature Credit Card NIL
LIC Gold EMV Cards NIL
LIC Platinum EMV Cards NIL

How can I block my lic credit card?

If you lose your LIC credit card, you should get the card hotlisted. This can be done by calling LIC customer care-1800-22-6606.

How can I remit my LIC premium online?

To pay premiums through the insurer’s website, visit and click on ‘ Pay Premium online ‘ from the ‘ Online Services portal’.

  1. Provide correct and valid mobile number and email address.
  2. The receipt will be mailed to your email address.
  3. Online premium payment should be made by the policyholder himself.

Can I pay LIC premium for others?

Can I pay someone else’s LIC premium? A customer can pay someone else’s premium. However, to do so the customer will have to add the policy number and the premium amount of the person whose LIC premium they wish to pay.

How can I know my LIC premium amount?

How to Check LIC Policy Details Online?

  1. Step 1: Go to the official LIC website, fill in your credentials like username and password.
  2. Step 2: Login to your account and select the option ‘View Enrolled Policies’.
  3. Step 3: You will be directed to a page where you can see all the listed enrolled policies.
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Why I Cannot pay LIC premium online?

There can be multiple reasons for not being able to make payment online -Policy is in lapsed condition, which is generally after 6 months from last premium due date. In such case, kindly contact nearest LIC branch for revival of policy. Premium entered is incorrect in case of going through LIC Pay Direct.

What happens if you forget to pay LIC premium?

When you do not pay the premium for your LIC policy on time or within its grace period, it lapses. However, if you want to revive this policy, then you have to do it within five years from the first unpaid premium’s date. The revival must be performed within three years of the policy lapse.

How much money will I get if I surrender my LIC policy?

On surrendering after two policy years, the insurance company will pay a guaranteed surrender value of minimum 30% of all premiums paid after deducting the first year’s premium. In case you opt for paid up option, the invested amount with return earned will be paid out on due maturity date.

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