Question: How To Register Co-operative Credit Society?


How do I register Multi State Credit Cooperative Society?

Check List regarding documents to be submitted with the proposal for New Registration

  1. Form 1: To be submitted in the format annexed with the MSCS Act 2002 along with the documents required under Form I.
  2. A certificate from the bank stating credit balance there in favour of the proposed multi – state co-operative society.

How does credit cooperative society work?

A credit co-operative society is an independent group of people belonging to the same class, come together voluntarily to tend to they’re common economic, social and cultural agendas and requirements through an enterprise which is jointly-owned and controlled democratically by such people.

How do I register my thrift and credit society?

Registration of Welfare & Thrift Cooperative Society

  1. The first step is to get 10 Individuals together who are desirous of forming a society.
  2. A Provisional committee should be formed and a chief promoter should be elected from amongst them.
  3. Name of the society has to be selected.
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How much does it cost to register a cooperative society in Nigeria?

You would be required to pay a fee of N10,000 and after a two – three months would be given a letter of recognition to use as a license for three (3) years, after which you would be given a certificate of registration which can only be cancelled if your society wants to cease to exist or if the society acts contrary to

Is Multi-State Co-operative society safe?

Are the Deposits with the Society safe & secured? Government of India has framed the laws/rules to ensure the security and safety of deposits and Credit Co – Operative Society strictly abides by the rules and regulations framed by Central Government under the Multi – State Co – Operative Societies Act, 2002.

What are the disadvantages of cooperative society?

Disadvantages of a Cooperative Society:

  • Limited Resources: The financial strength of cooperative societies is low due to limited supply of capital.
  • Incapable Management:
  • Lack of Motivation:
  • Rigid Business Practices:
  • Limited Consideration:
  • High Interest Rate:
  • Lack of Secrecy:
  • Undue Government Intervention:

What are the rules of cooperative society?

The supreme authority in a registered society shall be vested in the general meeting of members at which every member has a right to attend and vote on all questions. Subject to the provisions of section 26 of the Act, each member shalI have one vote only which shall be exercised in person and not by proxy.

What are the objectives of cooperative credit society?

Objectives of Cooperative Society

  • To provide support and services to the members of the society and not to earn the profit.
  • To help each other mutually and not to have competition.
  • To practice fair and transparent business activities.
  • To deliver the quality goods and produce to the end customers.
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What is the difference between Cooperative Bank and Cooperative Society?

Co-operative banks refers to state co-operative bank, a central co-operative bank and a primary co- operative bank. Co-operative Societies do not possess banking license and are formed with the object of promotion of economic interests of its members.

What are the examples of cooperative societies?

Best examples are dairy, fish farmers, weavers and artisans and tribal co-operatives. These are urban and rural financial societies that provide loans to members at low rates of interest, protecting the members from massive debts to traditional moneylending agencies.

What Is Non Credit Cooperative Society?

Non agricultural credit societies are formed in urban areas and provide loans to people living in urban or semi-urban areas. Co-operative credit societies in India operate in a three tier structure. At the lowest tier are the Primary Agricultural Co-operative Credit Societies which are organized at the village level.

What is Multi-State Cooperative Bank?

It is an Act to consolidate & amend law relating to co-operative societies with objects not limited to one State and serving interests of individuals in more than one State. In this write-up, we are going to learn about Multi – State Cooperative Society.

How much does it cost to register a cooperative?

Co-operative registration fees are as follows: R175. 00 registration fee, that is: R50.

What are the requirements for registration of a cooperative?

Register your cooperative with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). Submitthe following required documents in four (4) copies:Four (4) copies each of the Economic Survey,Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws duly notarized; 1. Economic Survey; 2. Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws; 3.

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Do cooperative societies pay tax in Nigeria?

Taxes. Cooperative Societies are exempt from payment of company income tax on the profit or income generated from its activities including shares or interest held in other entities.

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