Quick Answer: How Can I Contact Sbi Credit Card?


How can I get SBI credit card customer care?

Contact Centre: For more information and help, please call SBI’s 24X7 helpline number i.e. 1800-11-2211 ( toll-free ), 1800-425-3800 ( toll-free ) or 080-26599990. Terms & Conditions:

  1. Bank: State Bank of India ( SBI )
  2. Card: Card issued to the customer by SBI.
  3. Cardholder: A customer who has been issued Card.

How can I talk to SBI card executive?

You can reach an SBI customer care representative by dialing the following numbers:

  1. Toll-free number: 1800 180 1290.
  2. Tolled number: 1860 180 1290.
  3. City-wise number: 39 02 02 02 (add your local the STD code as prefix. A detailed city-wise break-up of numbers is provided below)

How can I complain to SBI credit card?

Email Service: Use the official email address of the SBI credit card as [email protected] to send an email with your query, and the email body should contain your SBI credit card number, name, the mobile number registered with SBI credit card, and Date of birth for verification with your query.

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What is email address of SBI credit card?

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Helpline Number

SBI Credit Card Customer Care No. Email Id
1800-180-1290 feedback [at] sbicard [dot] com

How can I close my SBI credit card customer care?

By calling the Helpline number: SBI credit cardholders, who want to cancel or close their credit card account, can do so by calling the toll-free number,1860-180-1290, or 39-02-02-02 (by using the local STD code as prefix).

How can I close my SBI credit card account permanently?

You can close your Credit Card Account by writing to us or calling the SBI Card Helpline. After placing your request for account closure, you are required to cut your credit card (s) diagonally. Your request will automatically lead to the termination of the add-on cards.

Who is the CEO of SBI credit card?

SBI Card, the country’s largest pure play credit card issuer, has a new Managing Director and CEO in Rama Mohan Rao Amara. He has been part of State Bank of India Group for almost three decades now and has handled several key assignments both in India and abroad.

Can I close my SBI credit card online?

Closing a credit card SBI credit card cancellation can be made through four ways. To close SBI credit card, a cardholder can call customer care number, send a written request, send a request through email or send a request through an online application. One should always close their credit card if it is unused.

How do I complain about a credit card?

If a complaint is arising out of credit card operations and other types of services, then a customer can file a complaint before the Banking Ombudsman within whose territorial jurisdiction the billing address of the customer is located.

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How can I check my SBI credit card complaint status?

STATE BANK OF INDIA – CUSTOMER REQUEST AND COMPLAINT FORM Dear customer, you may click on ” Check Complaint /Request status or Share Feedback on Closed complaint ” button to check status / provide feedback.

What happens when you dispute a credit card transaction?

Disputing a charge does not have an impact on your credit. You must keep paying your credit card bill like normal during the dispute process. As mentioned previously, card issuers usually remove disputed charges from the bill until the dispute is resolved, but you ‘re still responsible for paying the rest of the bill.

How do I cancel my credit card online?

Submit an online request: To submit an online request for credit card closure, visit the official website of the bank that you hold the card. There you need to fill up the cancellation /closure form and submit it.

How can I get SBI credit card?

  1. SimplySAVE SBI Card. Click to Select. View Details.
  2. SimplyCLICK SBI Card. Click to Select. View Details.
  3. SBI Card Elite. Click to Select. View Details.
  4. SBI Prime Card. Click to Select. View Details.

How do I increase my credit card limit?

How can you increase the credit limit on your Credit Card?

  1. Boost Your Credit Score.
  2. Repay dues on time.
  3. Be careful about the Credit Utilisation Ratio.
  4. Show proof of increase in income.
  5. Reduce the financial obligations you have.
  6. Apply for a new card.

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