Quick Answer: How To Apply Moratorium In Rbl Credit Card?


How do you avail moratorium on RBL credit card?

If the Credit Card is overdue for any previous outstanding amount, you will have to make a payment against the overdue amount to regularize your account to avail the moratorium benefit. You will be eligible for moratorium if at least minimum amount due till February 29, 2020 is paid.

Is moratorium applicable to credit card?

Now, amid the Covid-19 crisis, the Reserve Bank of India has allowed a moratorium on credit card dues in addition to all retail loan EMIs. Meaning, you can defer the payment of your credit card dues incurred after March 1, 2020, until August 31, 2020, by taking the moratorium support.

What happens if I dont pay my RBL credit card?

What happens if I don’t pay my bill on time? If you don’t pay your bill on time, you will be charged a late payment fee. RBL Bank charges a late payment fee of 15% of the total outstanding amount. The minimum amount you will be charged for late payment is Rs.

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How do I activate my blocked RBL credit card?

How to unblock a credit card? You can unblock your credit card by downloading or accessing the RBL MyCard app or alternatively, calling the toll-free number 022-71190900 and asking the representative to unblock your credit card. You should keep your credit card number and other necessary details handy here as well.

What is RBI moratorium?

“The overall caps on moratorium and / or extension of residual tenor granted under Resolution Framework – 1.0 and this framework combined, shall be two years,” says RBI notification. So, if a borrower got 6 months moratorium last time, he/she can be eligible to get an additional moratorium of up to 1 year 6 months.

What is meant by restructuring of loans?

A loan for which the parties have agreed to alter the terms, usually to make them more favorable to the borrower. For example, the borrower may restructure a loan to receive a lower interest rate or monthly payment.

What is a moratorium period?

A moratorium period is when your lender allows you to stop making payments for a specific period of time. A moratorium is similar to a deferment or forbearance.

Is interest paid during moratorium period?

The apex court furthermore directed that there shall be no interest on interest or penal interest on any amount during the loan moratorium from any borrower. The moratorium was intended to provide borrowers relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling them to defer payments on EMIs.

What is credit card moratorium?

Here moratorium means you can choose not to pay your credit card dues for three months. While, no late payment fees will be levied on your credit card bill during these three months, but the interest on the outstanding balance of credit card dues will continue to accrue for the period of the moratorium.

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Can I use Bajaj EMI card to pay credit card?

If you possess the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you can opt for multiple payment options including: Credit card Payment via RBL MyCard App. Credit card Payment via Bill Desk. Credit card Payment via Net banking.

How can I pay my credit card bill instantly?

Methods to Pay Credit Card Payment Online

  1. Through internet banking.
  2. NEFT/RTGS online funds transfer.
  3. IMPS Method.
  4. Through BillDesk.
  5. Auto debit facility.
  6. Mobile wallets and payment systems.

How do I pay my RBL credit card bill through PhonePe?

Steps to Making Credit Card Payment using PhonePe App

  1. Open PhonePe app.
  2. Go to the ‘Recharge and Pay bills’ option.
  3. Click on ‘ Credit Cards ‘.
  4. Enter the 16-digit card number, date of validity, and CVV number.

Why my RBL credit card is not working?

RBL Bank Credit Card Grievance Redressal. For all your initial queries about RBL bank credit cards, you can call the bank’s 24-hour helpline which is 022-6232 7777. If you are not able to get in touch with the bank through this number, you can also write an e-mail to the bank at [email protected]

Can a blocked credit card be unblocked?

While blocking credit card is being allowed online, unblocking can be done only by taking help of bank’s customer care.

How do I increase my RBL credit card limit?

If you want to increase the credit limit of your card, you can visit the bank branch and ask an official to increase the credit limit. You will have to submit a few documents as proof like salary slip, bank statement, and income tax returns when you apply for an increase in your credit card limit.

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