Quick Answer: How To Get Credit In Vodafone Prepaid?


How do I add credit to my Vodafone prepaid?

By text

  1. Top up over the phone on 2345 free from your Vodafone Pay as you go mobile.
  2. To top up again, text TOPUP to 2345 with the amount you want to add and the last four digits of your payment card (for example, text TOPUP 10 1234 to add £10 using a card ending in 1234)

Can you buy Vodafone credit online?

They can top you up online or by text at any time. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free. I ‘m on pay as you go – how do I get credit sent to me? To get credit from a family member or friend, on a Vodafone bill pay price plan, all you have to do is text their number to 50228.

How do I use Vodafone credit?

You can redeem a voucher online with Express Top Up and My Vodafone, by text message or over the phone using the 12-digit PIN. To ensure you get the correct voucher for your recharge option, check out our vouchers page. Pay and Go.

  1. Recharging your service.
  2. Prepaid Add-ons.
  3. Premium SMS.
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How do you get bonus credit on Vodafone?

Bonus Credit is just that – free credit that you could receive through Rewards on Pay as you go, via text or when you top up by calling 2345.

Can I put credit on someone else’s phone Vodafone?

How can I top up someone else’s phone? You may top up someone else’s Vodaphone mobile on Vodafone’s online TopUp portal, or when Activating a voucher. You can also set up an automatic or recurring top-up on a friend’s or a family member’s phone.

Can I put credit on someone else’s phone?

To avail of the text top-up option, first you will need to register a credit or debit card with your mobile provider. This option may also be used to top-up credit on someone else’s account. Your bank may also allow you to top-up yours or another’s mobile account. You can visit your bank’s website to find out more.

What is the cheapest Vodafone plan?

The cheapest Vodafone -Idea recharge plan is priced at Rs 10, offers a talkative value of Rs 7.47. It’s most expensive pack is priced at Rs 2,399 that offers an annual validity and daily 1.5GB data along with other benefits.

Do I have to top up every month on pay as you go?

Yes. If you choose a traditional Pay As You Go plan, there’s no need to top – up your phone every month. You ‘ll just need to keep your SIM card active which normally means using it for a chargeable activity at least once every 180 days.

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How do I get unlimited data on Vodafone?

The easiest way to sign up for a Vodafone Unlimited plan is online. If you are new to Vodafone please visit here where you can see all the details of our current plans. If you are an existing Vodafone customer and wish to sign up to a Vodafone Unlimited plan please log into My Vodafone and select your plan.

What happens if I dont recharge Vodafone?

If you don’t recharge your Vodafone or Airtel number with any of the minimum recharge plans, your outgoing calls will be blocked after 30 days. Not only outgoing, but the incoming calls will be blocked as well, in 45 days.

What is the minimum Vodafone top up amount?

On Vodafone, you can make a minimum top – up of £5 each time on a Pay As You Go account.

  • By phone: You can top – up by calling 2345 on your Vodafone handset.
  • By text: If you have a registered credit card or debit card, you can also top up by SMS text message.

What is the minimum monthly recharge for Vodafone?

The minimum monthly recharge for Vodafone is priced at Rs 20 that offers full talktime worth Rs 20 and 28 days validity.

Can I borrow credit from Vodafone?

With Vodafone IOU, you can borrow up to £3 from us if you run out of credit and pay it back when you next top up. Once you have paid back your IOU amount, you’ll automatically be opted back out.

How can I get free credit on Vodafone?

How do I register to get my free credit?

  1. Put your new SIM into your phone.
  2. Register your details on My Vodafone within 60 days of using your new SIM.
  3. Top up by €20 or more in one go.
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How do I borrow credit on Vodafone?

Borrow credit when you have less than GHs 2 and pay back the next time you top up. You must be a Vodafone user for more than 90 days before you can access this service. It’s simple! Just dial *505# to borrow credit.

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