Quick Answer: How To Pay Kotak Credit Card Bill By Cheque?


How can I pay my credit card by Cheque?

Paying credit card bills by cheque

  1. Visit a branch of the bank where you have an account.
  2. In the deposit slip, fill out the following details: 16-digit credit card number.
  3. Attach this slip to the cheque and deposit it in a cheque payment machine or simply slip it into the drop box at your bank’s branch or ATM.

How can I pay my Kotak credit card bill from another bank?


  1. Log onto your non- Kotak Bank Net Banking website.
  2. Select Funds Transfer/NEFT/IMPS.
  3. Register Kotak Credit Cards as a payee.
  4. Enter the following details: Payee Name: 4166xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Customer Name. Select Location City: Mumbai. Select Destination Bank: Kotak Bank. Bank Address: Main Branch Mumbai.

How can I deposit Cheque in Kotak Bank?

How it works

  1. Deposit a cheque favouring your Kotak Mahindra Bank Account.
  2. Enclose your pay-in-slip (with the name of beneficiary and account number)
  3. Send via first class mail / regular mail only to any of our branches and we will have your funds collected.
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How can I deposit my credit card bill?

If your credit card issuer is a bank with a physical office, you can walk in to the nearest branch and make your credit card payment by depositing cash. Simply walk in to the respective bank branch, fill-in the deposit slip with your credit card details and the bill amount and submit it at the counter.

How do I pay with a Cheque?

Cheque -writing basics

  1. write the name of the person or organisation you’re paying.
  2. draw a line through any blank spaces on the cheque so people can’t add extra numbers or names.
  3. add details (such as a reference or account number) to the payee line.
  4. keep the cheque stub that contains the details and reference.

How do I pay my credit card bill online banking?

Here’s how you can pay your Credit Card bill via NetBanking. NetBanking.

Step1 Login to NetBanking using your NetBanking ID and Password
Step2 Go to the Credit Cards Tab, and click on the Transact option on the left
Step3 Choose your registered card
Step4 Select a payment option
Step5 Click confirm to complete payment

How do I pay my credit card with Google pay?

How to pay credit card bill through Google Pay?

  1. Open the Google Pay app installed on your mobile phone.
  2. Open the ‘New’ option.
  3. Next, select either of the two options, i.e., ‘UPI ID’ or ‘QR’ to make payment.
  4. If you have selected ‘UPI ID’, proceed to log in with your UPI credentials.

How can I pay my credit card bill with a debit card?

Most of the banks allow you to make credit card payments using a debit card without any registration. You can directly enter your debit card details in the payment channel or use your debit card at the bank’s ATM to make payment.

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How can I pay my Kotak credit card bill through debit card?

Steps To Pay Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Through Billdesk Using A Debit Card Online

  1. Enter your 16-digit Kotak credit card number.
  2. Re-enter the credit card number.
  3. Enter your email ID.
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. Enter the payment amount.
  6. Choose which bank account you like to pay from the drop-down.

Can we deposit Cheque online in Kotak Bank?

1: Can we deposit a Cheque online in Kotak Bank? Ans: Yes, you can deposit a Cheque online in Kotak Bank through net banking.

Can we deposit a Cheque online?

Start by opening your app, signing into your account, and selecting deposit checks. Then, take a picture of the front and back of the endorsed check with your smartphone or tablet. Once both sides are captured, you can select the right account to receive the deposit, then enter the amount.

Can we deposit Cheque in any branch of Kotak?

a) Outstation Cheques deposited at any of the bank branches and payable at the state capitals would be credited within a maximum period of 7 days. The days would be calculated excluding the intervening holidays at both the deposit location and the payable location.

How can I pay my credit card bill from another bank?

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) You can pay your credit card bill from any other bank account by using the NEFT facility. The instructions may vary slightly in different banks, but, in most cases you need to add your credit card number as the payee account number to make the payment through NEFT.

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How can I pay my credit card bill through ATM?

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the nearest ATM of the bank whose credit card you have.
  2. Insert your debit card.
  3. After you enter the pin, choose services, bill payment and choose credit card bill payment.
  4. Enter your 16-digit credit card number.
  5. You can now view the total bill and the minimum amount due.

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