Readers ask: How To Redeem Hsbc Credit Card Points?


How can I use my HSBC credit card points?

The HSBC Rewards Programme helps you get more out of your money every time you shop. You can redeem these points for an exciting range of redemption options including garments, home appliances, cosmetics, gift vouchers, airline miles and donation to charities.

How much are HSBC reward points worth?

At a minimum, HSBC Rewards points are worth 0.5 cents per point (cpp) each when redeemed against eligible travel purchases (i.e., purchases made from merchants that are classified in the Mastercard network as airlines, car rental agencies, hotels, cruise lines, passenger railways, tour operators, timeshares and travel

How do I redeem HSBC Premier points?

How to redeem your points

  1. Log into online banking.
  2. Click on ‘ Premier Card’ within the ‘My accounts’ section.
  3. Click on ‘ Points balance’ on top right hand of card transactions.

How do I redeem my HSBC cash back rewards?

Rewards must be redeemed by contacting the HSBC Rewards Department at 888.385. 8916 and your travel will be arranged by the Travel Provider.

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What can HSBC points be used for?

The most valuable way to redeem your HSBC Rewards is for experiences, with a range of 0.54 – 0.59 cents per point (CPP). But there are a host of other ways to use your points that are both useful and valuable, including travel, merchandise, gift cards, HSBC financial products, and charitable donations.

Do HSBC reward points expire?

Reward Points earned are valid for up to three (3) years from the date of earning the Reward Points and will expire on the last day of the Participating HSBC Credit Card’s anniversary month, as explained in Example 1 below.

How do I redeem HSBC cash rewards?

Use your RewardCash just the way you like. Download Reward+ to start enjoying the experience. HSBC Credit Card, the best credit card in town*. Use your RewardCash just the way you like.

  1. Pay with RC. Pay any merchant transaction or credit card bill with RewardCash.
  2. 2. Redeem Miles.
  3. RewardCash e-Shop.

How do I earn HSBC reward points?

How do I earn the Reward points? Each cardholder who holds a Singapore dollar denominated credit card will earn one Reward point (” Point “) for every S$1 charged to his HSBC credit card on Qualifying Transactions made locally and overseas.

Can I convert my reward points to cash?

SBI Card has provided the facility to convert Reward Points into cash. You can call on the toll-free number 1800 180 1290 or (prefix local STD code) 39 02 02 02 and ask for the conversion of your points in cash.

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How do you convert credit card points to cash?

How to redeem?

  1. Login to HDFC Netbanking.
  2. Goto Cards -> Enquire -> Redeem reward Points -> choose card & proceed.
  3. You’re now on the newly revamped Redemption Portal.
  4. Goto Redeem Reward Points -> Cash Redemption.
  5. Enter details and proceed.
  6. Expect cash credit in ~7 working days.

How do I use my HSBC reward points on my phone?

Over the phone Select “Card Services” and select the Credit Card you wish to redeem. Press 3 to Select “Card Fees, Rewards and Benefits”. Press 3 to redeem and key in your Gift Code and Quantity to redeem.

How does HSBC Cash Back works?

Enjoy cash back on dining and all other spend Earn 5% cash back on dining transactions and 0.50% cash back on all of your other transactions. You must have the following: An existing locally-issued primary credit card owned for at least 12 months. A minimum annual income of PHP200,000 for HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back.

How does HSBC reward cash work?

Every $1 RewardCash you earn can be used to offset HKD1 on your spending, at participating merchants all across town. The more you spend on your HSBC credit cards, the more RewardCash you’ll earn – and the more you can save.

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