Auto-Investment with TachyLoans:

Can’t find the time to invest? How about we offer you a great investment option?

Our auto-investment feature is designed to help invest your money via P2P loans towards a recommended list of borrowers, based on prefixed lending criteria as set by you.


Best Short Term Autoinvestment Benefits

How Auto-Investment Works?

You just need to follow 4 simple steps and you are good to go:

Steps of Autoinvestment

How can I remove/reject the borrower from the recommended list?

If you want to remove a borrower from the list, log in to your account, select the borrower and click on the ‘Reject’ button. This can be done within 24 hours from the receipt of the e-mail notification. If there’s no action taken within this timeframe, the system will automatically allocate P2P loans to the recommended borrowers in the list.

Pre-Requisite for Auto-Investment:

Once you subscribe for the auto-invest feature, you are mandatorily required to transfer funds to our escrow account.