How TachyLoans Works

TachyLoans is a P2P lending platform (Peer-to-Peer) that connects lenders/investors who are looking for the highest interest rates to borrowers who seek unsecured personal loans to meet their financial needs. The interest rates charged to borrowers will depend on their creditworthiness and supporting documentation, while lenders will receive returns that are far better than traditional investment options (up to 25% p.a.).

With TachyLoans, lenders can highlight their investment preference and choose whom they wish to provide unsecured personal loans to. They can also further negotiate with the borrowers and agree on fixed interest rates.

Borrowers, on the other hand, can avail an unsecured personal loan for any purpose such as going for a vacation; funds to arrange a wedding, an education, medical expenses, etc.

Our digital platform simplifies the entire process of registration, application, documentation, investment, and loan disbursement for both lenders and borrowers, while maintaining complete transparency throughout the process.

TachyLoans Workflow

Role of TachyLoans

TachyLoans ensures that the information submitted by the borrowers is verified before they are listed on the platform. Verification includes KYC documents, bank account details, physical verification of residence, employment and income details, contact details, credit rating, etc.

Before granting a P2P loan, the lender and borrower will be required to sign an e-agreement. Following this, the loan disbursement will be arranged and our team will regularly monitor loan repayments made by the borrowers. We will also continue to alert both parties on the status of their registration, loan offers made and accepted, payment due dates, and other requisite updates. It is the lender’s sole discretion to thoroughly check the details provided by the borrower and verify the risks associated, prior to lending on the platform.


TachyLoans charges a registration fee from borrowers and a transaction fee from both, lenders and borrowers as laid out.

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TachyLoans does not guarantee P2P loans to borrowers or repayments to lenders. While our proprietary credit scoring model ensures that we will identify the right borrowers for our lenders, the lenders are required to use their discretion in selecting borrowers at their own risk.

Through machine learning, TachyLoans has developed advanced monitoring processes to monitor the borrower’s behavior, post loan disbursal. We also facilitate EMI repayments and assist lenders in the recovery of P2P loans in case of a payment default. We will not be held accountable in case of any loan default.