Why Invest at TachyLoans

By offering P2P loans, you can earn higher returns and monthly income on your investments. TachyLoans allows only the most creditworthy borrowers on the P2P platform. In addition to this, your investment is protected by our proprietary credit rating model that greatly reduces the risk of bad loans. There’s also a borrower insurance that protects investors in case of unforeseen circumstances. And that’s why this high return investment option at TachyLoans should be a part of your investment portfolio:

Quick and easy account setup

Set up your TachyLoans account in just a few minutes. The entire system is geared to be user-friendly and intuitive to use.

High Return and Monthly Income on your investment

Why park your savings in a regular bank when you can earn higher returns on your investment?

Without the massive overheads associated with traditional banks and NBFCs (non-banking financial companies), our innovative P2P lending business model is able to offer higher returns on investment. At TachyLoans, this is anywhere between 11.5% - 25% p.a.

As soon as the loan gets disbursed to the borrower, you will start earning monthly income on your investments from the following calendar month.

A safer way to invest

Our thorough documentation, financial history check, and stringent credit assessment parameters ensure that only the most creditworthy borrowers make it to our platform. Our proprietary borrower onboarding process includes multiple screening rounds of over 500 borrowing and credit verification parameters. In addition to credit bureau scores, we verify a range of borrower application parameters that include non-traditional data sources and also perform a physical verification of residence.

With TachyLoans, you can benefit from a secure and high return investment option.

Freedom to choose borrowers

You can choose from the available borrowers based on your investment criteria and risk appetite. Borrowers are categorized into various risk bands based on their risk profile. We will provide you with the requisite details on the borrower to help you to take an informed decision. You can also diversify your investments by offering P2P loans to multiple borrowers and mitigate the risk.

Security and confidentiality

Your investment is secure with TachyLoans because our platform relies on state-of-the-art encryption and server technologies to eliminate any fraudulent activities or the misuse of your confidential data.

­­­­­Eligibility Criteria

An investor/lender should be/have:

  • A resident of India;
  • Above 21 years of age;
  • A valid bank account and PAN number;
  • Valid KYC documents for ID and address proof (Aadhaar/Voter ID card/Passport/Driving Licence).

Get Started

 To become an investor at TachyLoans, simply register online with us by submitting your KYC documents and start earning. It’s that simple.

Step 1   Click on the button below to sign up
Step 2  Submit the requisite KYC documents
   You must have valid KYC documents as mentioned below:

  • Valid ID proof: PAN/Aadhaar/Voter ID card/Driving Licence/Passport
  • Address proof: Aadhaar/Passport/Driving Licence/Voter ID card

Note: If in case we need any additional documents, we will contact you.

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